The #1 Reason New Managers Fail — and How to Fix It

Management and leadership are both an art and a science, and often new managers don’t have the tools or skill sets they need to succeed. In fact, companies with less than 100 employees provided an average of 12 minutes of management training over the last six months. That’s not nearly enough time to set up your managers for success.

Instead, without meaning to, leadership has set these managers up to fail. How can you ensure you’re supporting your management team? Two things are required to succeed in choosing the right management team. The first is natural talent. The second is the right skill set. The first you can assess; the second you can teach.

First, it’s important to hire for the type of manager that fits into your company culture. According to Gallup, companies get hires wrong 82% of the time.

Let that sink in for a moment … Okay, now breathe.

Before you hire or promote within your organization, identify the right skills, experience, attitude, results, cognitive ability and habits for success.

In fact, you can ensure a better hire by building a robust “Ideal Candidate Profile” first. Start by asking what is required in each of these “SEARCH Model” elements to do the job: skills, experience, attitude, results, cognitive ability and habits. This is an essential step in building an objective, efficient hiring process.

Once you have assessed and determined that you have the right person, training is essential. But not just any training will do!

Design training that delivers the right information on skills, and don’t stop there! Measure what is learned and the application of those skills. By doing both, you set up your managers to succeed.

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Kathleen Winsor-Games is the vice president of organizational excellence for Achievement Dynamics. She helps business owners, executives and managers build world-class cultures and teams. Contact Kathleen at 303-331-3401 or kathleen.winsor-games@sandler.com