What you need to know about human resources

Gain a toolkit for future HR success through this four-part track that mixes group discussions with in-class work and facilitation. After completing the four-part track, participants will have the information they need to hire, manage and engage their employees in a safe and satisfying work environment. You may take sessions individually or as a track.

Learn about the recruiting, hiring and on-boarding process from posting a position to training new employees

Policies & Procedures
Review the policies all businesses should have, as well as those recommended to help ensure employees and managers/business owners understand work expectations

Talent Management
Understand the recruiting and hiring process, including how to interview and select new hires.

Review the performance review process and coaching, counseling and disciplinary actions.

Employee Retention
Discuss the basics of management to understand the skills required to lead a staff successfully

Standard Track Fee – $135 (classes are $35 when signed up individually)
Bronze Member Fee – $85
Gold and Silver – Complimentary

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