Affordable tactics from the author of “Marketing for Dummies” for growing any brand

This one-day workshop will deliver actionable, affordable tips to set any business, no matter how small, up for sustainable growth and competitive advantage. Developed and presented by Jeanette McMurtry, author of “Marketing for Dummies,” this workshop will present strategies and tactics that take price out of the equation by engaging customers with psychologically-relevant events, content, customer journeys, sales experiences and direct response campaigns.


  • Understanding how consumers make choices today
  • Social Influencers that drive us consciously and unconsciously
  • Growth Strategies for building short and long-term sales
  • Creating a winning marketing plan
  • Marketing technology and how to use it wisely

Standard Fee –
Chamber Members – $350

Upcoming Smart Marketing on a Dummied Down Budget Events:

February 27, 2018
Smart Marketing on a Dummied Down Budget
8:30 am - 4:00 pm at Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce (1445 Market St., Denver CO 80202)