You can only create an environment that helps businesses grow and employees thrive if you have all the right elements. That's what the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce and our family of organizations deliver.

Together, we're always asking what's next. We're always seeking new solutions and expanding our partnerships. And we're always learning and adapting. Because as we saw at an accelerated pace in 2020, the world is always changing.

We remain committed to you and our mission to put Coloradans to work in good jobs. And we mean all Coloradans – no matter who you are or where you come from.

We know we have a lot to do in 2021, but we also know that we're poised to come back stronger and faster than other regions in the country. That's because of you, our investors. Thank you for making Colorado a great place to live, work and do business.


Kelly Brough

President & CEO
Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce

David Eves

2019-2020 Board of Directors Chair
Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce

It all starts with a goal and grows from there.

The Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce began with a goal 153 years ago to connect Denver to the Transcontinental Railroad in Cheyenne.

And we did it. We connected this region to the country and transformed our future.

Our goals changed, new ideas sparked, and this community grew into the leading economy in the nation.

In 2020, in the midst of an unprecedented public health emergency, we doubled down on our goals to put Coloradans to work in great careers and grow Colorado into the best place to live, work and do business – no matter your race, ethnicity or gender.

Laying theFoundation

As investors, you are helping the Denver Metro Chamber and our family of organizations lay the foundation that makes business and prosperity grow.

  • We have been ranked the #1 economy in the nation for three straight years.
  • Our workforce is among the healthiest, most educated and collaborative in the United States.
  • And we're among the best places in the country for starting a company.

Those rankings are only possible in an ecosystem that invites innovation, creates certainty and encourages job growth.

And that begins with policy.

In 2020, despite a challenging legislative environment and an unpredictable pandemic, you came to the table with us to share the business community's view on issues that impact our quality of life.

  • Education and workforce
  • Health and wellness
  • Infrastructure

After the pandemic brought lawmaking to a halt in March, legislators thankfully abandoned troubling proposals for a state-run paid family and medical program and state health insurance option. However, new priorities of concern for the business community emerged.

With bills ranging from mandatory sick leave and unemployment insurance premium increases to whistleblower legislation and tax policy, our lobbyists, public affairs team and Legislative Policy Committee had their work cut out for them. They threw everything at the fight, and so did you, resulting in significant changes to concerning legislation.

You came
to the table
with us.

House Bill 1420

  • Would have rolled back tax relief for businesses and eliminated much needed write offs.
  • But you sent nearly 220 letters to legislators, our board contacted legislators directly and our team worked under the dome and with the Governor's Office to convey serious concerns.

Resolution: Legislators listened and compromised and the final bill dialed back the burden on businesses.

Executive Order Allowing Electronic Signature Gathering for Ballot Issues

  • Would have violated the clear signature gathering process outlined in our constitution, presented a barrier to as many as 85,000 rural households, as well as poor and elderly populations with little to no access to internet, and exposed our election process to new risk.
  • We pulled together a statewide coalition of 49 other diverse organizations in opposition and filed two amicus briefs in a lawsuit challenging the order.

Resolution: State Supreme Court struck down the executive order, protecting our state's constitution.

"The Chamber's advocacy on behalf of its members was particularly important during the 2020 session. By keeping the lines of communication with lawmakers open and encouraging balanced policies that support a healthy business environment, the Chamber continued to build on a foundation that will shape our state's future and inspire continued growth by new and existing companies." Jenny Engle, Senior Director,
Government Relations and Public Affairs,
Fidelity Investments

More than 1,275 attendees came to our 31 committee meetings with local and national policymakers and experts.

We hosted meetings for you with:

  • State legislators
  • U.S. senators
  • Community leaders
  • State agency leaders
  • CEOs and executives from key industries

At our first virtual State of the State,

Gov. Jared Polis and members of our Joint Budget Committee shared with over 700 of you how COVID-19 and the economy may shape the state's future.

  • Weighed in on 61 bills
  • 50 statewide organizational partners
  • 725.2 miles traveled for C3 Basecamps

Opportunity Everywhereand for Everyone

The Chamber family launched Prosper CO in 2019 to help identify and break down barriers to opportunity in our community. And as many of these disparities became even more clearer in 2020, our commitment to this work grows stronger.

Prosper CO is our pledge to every Coloradan, especially women and people of color, we are committed to creating opportunity for everyone to access:

  • Good jobs
  • The ability to start a business
  • Stable housing

The Prosper CO Steering Committee spent months reviewing data from local, state and national sources, and surveyed and interviewed hundreds of community members, business leaders and public officials.

Using insights gained from that research, the steering committee identified three key initial priority areas focusing on people of color and women.

  • Move more Coloradans into jobs that pay well and have good benefits and continually reduce racial and gender disparities in those jobs.
  • Start and grow more small businesses owned by women and people of color.
  • Provide stability and the opportunity to begin to build wealth through homeownership.

We are now turning our focus toward implementing strategies and it will take all of us. In 2021, with your leadership, you'll see those strategies come to life.

“Prosper CO is bringing leaders from throughout our community together to help us unlock the immeasurable potential of Colorado's economy that's only possible when all Coloradans, no matter their race, ethnicity or gender, have access to opportunity and success. Our work on the Steering Community has opened many minds to the disparities that exist and the changes we need to make. We've already taken steps at Presbyterian/St. Luke's and Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children to increase career development opportunities for staff at all levels, and we look forward to doing much more.” Maureen Tarrant
President and CEO
HealthONE Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center and Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children
Member of the Denver Metro Chamber Board of Directors and Prosper CO Steering Committee

The Elements That EncourageGrowth

The Colorado way of life is in our nature. Just as we appreciate abundant sunshine and clear mountain water, we also appreciate the elements that make us who we are.

It's Colorado's Civic DNATM – inclusivity, collaboration, a shared vision, leadership and responsibility.

The Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation fostered the growth of that DNA in 560 Colorado leaders this year through its programs.

  • The third class of Colorado's Civic DNA Fellows
  • The addition of a second Access Denver
  • A sold-out Leading Colorado luncheon
  • 65 Leadership Denver and 147 Impact Denver participants, who continued to connect virtually this spring
  • Nearly $31,300 raised by alumni for the Leading Colorado Scholarship Fund

In addition, 160 Denver leaders traveled to Dallas for the 30th Leadership Exchange trip, where they saw how companies are investing in the region and focusing on building more diverse, inclusive teams, supporting the mental and emotional health needs of their workforce and working to address homelessness in the downtown area.

Before the pandemic began, you took every opportunity to meet in person.

  • Nearly 3,200 event attendees
  • 19 in-person signature, education and networking events, including:
    • Annual Meeting
    • Boots 'n Business
    • Business Legislative Preview
    • Colorado Business Hall of Fame
    • Gold Networking
    • Leads Groups
    • Net90
    • State of Small Business
  • 1,200 business leads passed and $52 million in leads closed
The pandemic has reminded us of an inescapable reality that 'we are in this together,' and my hope as leaders, we will realize that this truth exists outside of our current crisis. Our opportunity will be to act accordingly and create a better way forward, one rooted in equity and building a Colorado that is guided by our ability to continually sharpen our understanding and ability to do the right thing. Adeeb Khan, Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility and Executive Director of Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation, Secretary of the Leadership Foundation Board of Directors, and 2017 Leadership Denver Alum  

Putting Down Roots

Colorado has the right environment to help businesses put down roots. That's why the client companies of the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation (EDC) are seeking to grow and move here.

Since summer 2019, the Metro Denver EDC has worked non-stop supporting new and existing companies to create high-quality jobs in our region.

In total, these companies will bring nearly 7,200 new quality jobs to Colorado across diverse industries, with new projects cropping up monthly, even during these challenging times.

Stand-Out EDC Projects in 2020

Southwest Airlines selected metro Denver for the expansion of over 1,000 new jobs to support their domestic network operations. And, although we know the travel industry took a big hit in 2020, it's poised to rebound in Colorado. Denver International Airport reported this summer that more passengers passed through its TSA checkpoints than all but one other American airport.

AGC Biologics moved to Boulder thanks to a team of partners that include the Metro Denver EDC, Boulder Economic Council, Colorado Bioscience Association and Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade. AGC Biologics knew Colorado's talent was too good to pass up, which allowed them to select Boulder for a $100 million investment and the creation of 280 new jobs – all housed in the facility that AstraZeneca vacated in 2019. In fact, the company's first hire at this site was a former AstraZeneca employee.

Part of putting down roots is contributing to the community.

Through its mission to elevate business for good, B:CIVIC helped its 146 members and their 100,000 employees make investments in the community and engage to address critical local needs. The organization is building an army of companies that individually and collectively are doing good to help all Coloradans do well.

  • 13 events
  • 585 attendees
  • 64 corporate social responsibility certifications issued

Supporting Entrepreneursand Small Businesses

Our Denver Metro Small Business Development Center provided over 100 programs and 300 hours of training to 3,500 people and served nearly 700 small business clients.

Since January, that has led to:

  • 19 new businesses
  • 235 new jobs
  • 317 jobs retained
  • A capital infusion of more than $11.6 million
  • $7.3 million increase in sales

When the Pandemic Struck,We Took Action to Help You.

2020 reminded us all that as hard as we work to create a strong ecosystem, there is much that is out of our control.

The key to success is the speed at which an organization and a region can shift priorities and strategies – and shift we did.

Our Denver Metro Small Business Development Center fielded nearly 1,900 emails and phone calls over 12 weeks to help business owners connect with consultants.

The Chamber held 22 virtual educational and networking events with over 3,800 attendees.

The Leadership Foundation hosted 14 Virtual Voice sessions with nearly 440 alumni who came together to hear knowledge, perspectives and leadership lessons from leaders on the front lines of impacted industries.

We adapted our economic development work to go virtual. Instead of in-person meetings and tours of commercial and industrial real estate, we held site tours through online meeting platforms, drone flyovers and video experiences to show EDC clients what life is like in metro Denver. As of this summer, the EDC was leading and supporting 30 active economic development projects that represent the potential for nearly 11,300 new jobs across our region.

We gathered information that would help those who lost their jobs apply for unemployment and access resources, education opportunities and jobs. We even launched a new job board.

B:CIVIC pulled together resources and held virtual meetings to share how companies can put their corporate social responsibility to action to assist with the pandemic's fallout.

We introduced those of you who said you had access to things other members may need and we set up a member-to-member resource webpage with 50 offerings from fellow members. That was one part of the COVID website we created, which includes all the information you need to stay on top of the latest pandemic information impacting businesses and workers. The site has had 6,200 pageviews since its creation.

Storms BringNew Light

As hard as we work to create the strong ecosystem that leads to growth and innovation, Colorado isn't immune to challenges. COVID-19 was a storm that threatened to damage all we've created.

But Coloradans know better – through fires, floods and other disasters, the Colorado spirit always shines bright, and it's what is helping our state rebuild faster than anywhere else and stronger than before.

People outside Colorado see it, too.

Denver has been named one of the cities best positioned to recover from the pandemic. And under our members' leadership, the Chamber family has been doing everything it can to make that a reality.

With the already solid foundation of our economy and the innovative, collaborative ways we saw Colorado come together in 2020, we have every reason to be excited for our future.

Afterall, it's in our nature: To create the best place to live, work and do business – no matter where you come from or where you're headed.


2019 Del Hock Lifetime
Achievement Award

George Sparks

President and CEO, Denver Museum of Nature & Science

2019 Bill Daniels Ethical
Leader of the Year Award

Bob Hottman

Partner, Plante Moran

M. Doak Jacoway
Volunteer of the Year Award

Maureen Tarrant

President and CEO
HealthONE Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center and Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children

2019-2020 Chamber Champions

Denver Metro Small Business Development Center Consultants:

Tammi Arnett, Jay Ballenberger, Nancy Barnett, Dan Braiman, Jason Crawford, Rex Davis, Greg Durocher, Stephanie Fox, Jeff Gilbert, David Hood, Alea Kilgore, Wendy King, Jennifer Kurtz, Cathy Kramer, David Lechner, Jim Olp, Pricilla Orozco-Garcia, Steve Parry, Alexandria Robinson-Serna, Adriane Sanford, Bob Smith, Gary Tickle and Louise Walsh

Norris W. Davis III

President, South Platte Investments & Planning

Martin Goldstein

Principal Architect, Venture Architecture

2020 Colorado Business
Hall of Fame Laureates

Jay Cimino

Frank E. Edbrooke

Gerald Gallegos

Larry Kendall

Charles "Chuck", Greg and Kent Stevinson

Judith B. Wagner

Thank You to

David Eves

During a year that in retrospect looked like a tale of two economies, your leadership and resolve as chair of the Board of Directors remained steady. You guided us through a public health and economic crisis and set our business community on a path to rebuild and ultimately come back better than before. Thank you for your commitment to the Denver Metro Chamber!

Thank you toOur Trustees