Maintaining a Healthy Workforce

Sometimes people are surprised to hear that a focus of our work is on health and wellness until we point out the connection between a successful company and a healthy workforce. Research tells us that healthy employees are less absent, more productive, innovative and creative. So, having the leanest and most active workforce in the … Read Post

A Look Back on the 2017 Legislative Session

When we look back at the last 120 days of the legislative session, a quote from President Eisenhower comes to mind: “People talk about the middle of the road as though it were unacceptable … Things are not all black and white. There have to be compromises. The middle of the road is all of … Read Post

Planning for the Future Today

As we celebrate 150 years of the Chamber, you all keep asking us the unreasonable question, what will the next 150 years look like for Colorado? Our answer is based on our history, where we’ve gone from using carriages to seeing driverless cars, from handwritten notes to smartphones, from the Pony Express to instant messaging. … Read Post

150 Years of History on Display

When you’re in one place for a while you acquire a lot of stuff. And after 150 years of doing business in Colorado, the leaders of the Chamber have saved photos, letters and telegrams and even hand-written notes that document our work since 1867. Many of those documents have been stored at the Denver Public … Read Post

Tom Clark, We Thank You

This last week our Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation hosted its 13th annual meeting. It was particularly meaningful, as we said thank you to Tom Clark and welcomed his successor J.J. Ament. (J.J. officially joins the team on April 5.) We’ve been talking about history a lot this year as we celebrate our 150th anniversary. … Read Post

Take Action: Support Reform for Construction Defects

Take action now – support construction defects litigation reform. We need your help on a top legislative priority: construction defects. Senate Bill 156 is to be assigned to a House Committee today or tomorrow and we need you to help key legislators understand the importance of granting this important bill a fair hearing – so … Read Post

Leaders Making an Impact in CO

In 1727, Ben Franklin started a “mutual improvement club,” which he called a Junto. None of you will be surprised to hear that I had to look that word up. The definition of Junto is a group of people drawn together for a common purpose. And, like you I thought: What the … That’s the … Read Post