Critical Issues

With our pillars as the foundation for our policy work, we’ve focused in on key areas identified by our members. These issues matter now—and will impact our economy and quality of life for decades to come if left unaddressed: education and workforce development, energy, housing, I-70, water and engaging independent voters.

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Building an Educated Workforce

Our economic success depends on how we support our education system. Colorado requires a strong education system – all the way from preschool to post-secondary – to meet the demands of the knowledge-based economy we are working so hard to grow in Colorado. Building a homegrown, smart workforce to fill the needs of our employers depends on our ability to educate our kids effectively and accurately assess our progress in doing so.

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Powering the Country and Our Economy

Colorado is home to one of the most diverse energy industries in the country—and some of the most stringent regulations to protect our environment while we power our state and the nation. We support a diverse energy portfolio that takes advantage of the innovative, technology-drive solutions our workforce is known for.

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A Place to Call Home

As one of the fastest-growing cities in the nation, Denver is also home to a housing market leading the nation for appreciation. The influx of people and high appreciation rate are causing a housing crisis. The lack of affordable options, from affordable rental properties to the entry-level homes for sale, is making the metro area unaffordable for a large portion of our workforce. We’re focused on cross-sector solutions to make the Denver metro area a place anyone can call home.

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Change How We Move

Technology stands to change how we move people and goods more than any innovation since the automobile. Interstate 70 is an essential artery in Colorado for business and recreation. We’re committed to improving travel on I-70 because it is essential to our economy and protecting the quality of life that has attracted people to our state.

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Preserving Our Most Precious Resource

As a headwater state providing water to nine states and one country, the importance of water cannot be understated. We’re focused on finding solutions that benefit all corners of Colorado while continuing to honor our agreements to provide water downstream.

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Meeting in the Middle

Just what does opening primaries to unaffiliated, or independent, voters have to do with business? It’s a top priority for our business leaders because we believe when we involve all voters in the full election process, we get better candidates—and legislators can be rewarded, instead of penalized, for compromise and crossing the aisle to get things done. In 2016, voters approved two important measures. The first will allow independent voters to participate in the primaries. The second will restore the presidential primary. These efforts were led by the Chamber and a coalition of leaders as Let Colorado Vote.

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