This Week in Policy

A Solution to Colorado’s $32 Billion Unfunded Pension Liability Passes House Finance Senate Bill 200 cleared more hurdles at the legislature this week when it passed out of the House Finance Committee on a vote of 10-3 Monday and yesterday passed out of House Appropriations. Addressing the state’s $32 billion unfunded pension liability is a … Read Post

Ensuring Every Coloradan Has a Voice

After a lot of work, our unaffiliated voters will for the first time in Colorado’s history be able to participate in the primary elections in June. Chamber members challenged us more than four years ago to get this done and helped lead the effort. Why do we care so deeply about this issue? For a … Read Post

This Week in Policy

Widespread Support to Fund Transportation System Following the release of the March revenue forecasts by the Legislative Council and the Office of State Planning and Budgeting, the Chamber has supported Senate Bill 1, which in its current form allocates $500 million in one-time and $250 million in ongoing funding to transportation infrastructure. Senate Bill 1 passed … Read Post

Colorado’s State Budget

No matter the sector you work in, you know budgets are critical. They are a reflection of an organization’s priorities. And, the state of Colorado’s budget is no different. Every December and March, the state issues an updated budget forecast based on policy changes and actual performance since the last forecast. The last two budgets … Read Post

Investing in Transportation

UPDATE: On Friday, the last day to file any other titles for the November ballot, the coalition filed a fifth ballot title to provide another option to address state and local transportation priorities that would increase sales tax 0.35 percent. On Feb. 22, we joined with a large coalition of partners from across the state to … Read Post

This Week in Policy

March Budget Forecast Released The recent revenue forecasts released by Legislative Council and the Office of State Planning and Budgeting earlier this week show about $300 million more in general fund revenue for the 2018-2019 fiscal year than previously anticipated in the December forecast. Both forecasts cite rising wages and consumer spending, anticipated benefits of … Read Post

This Week in Policy

Addressing Colorado’s $32 Billion Unfunded Pension Liability The long-awaited public employee pension reform bill has been introduced and is being debated in the legislature. Senate Bill 200 was introduced last week and heard in the Senate Finance Committee on Tuesday. This issue is of critical importance to the Chamber and a top priority for this … Read Post