Act Now on Denver Carbon Tax Proposal

Denver City Council’s Finance and Governance Committee will meet on Tuesday to discuss two bills that would refer a tax on electricity and natural gas for commercial and industrial users to the November ballot for Denver voters. This policy effort was first raised by organizers of a ballot measure that recently failed to gather enough signatures. … Read Post

Future in Focus at State of the City

Denver Metro Chamber leadership and metro area mayors focused on the importance of working together to tackle the challenges we face as a region at the Chamber’s State of the City on Tuesday. And while the conversations may be tough, they said, it’s what has helped the Denver metro area address and find solutions to … Read Post

For The Love of CO

Summer is here, and that means you’re likely spending serious time outdoors. We know some of you will head toward one of Colorado’s rivers to kayak or fly fish or even hike nearby. Many of us will visit our local farmer’s market for that fabulous, fresh-off-the-farm and ranch food (Colorado Proud!). And, even if you … Read Post

Int’l Biz and CO

We have been working hard to expand international trade opportunities for our members. It’s why we have supported Denver International Airport as they have grown to 26 nonstop international flights, and in total serve 214 nonstop destinations across the world. Those flights allow us to do more business globally and are crucial for our region and … Read Post

Your Influence: Members Share Their Voice in Policy Committee

Advocacy on policy issues is a critical component of our work on behalf of our members at the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce and the greater business community. Our members who have a seat on our committees get a behind-the-scenes look at what’s impacting the metro area’s business community through the lens of our three … Read Post

Vote No on Question 200

With an unemployment rate hovering around 3 percent and an economy ranked top in the country by U.S. News and World Report and 24/7 Wall Street, it’s clear that Colorado is doing something right. As a community, many of us have taken advantage of the upsides of this economic growth – things like job mobility, … Read Post

Chamber Advocacy: Amplifying Your Voice

We advocate on behalf of our members because we know we can be more successful when we raise our voices together – and we do that at the Capitol each legislative session. The legislative session closed earlier this month, and we reflected on it at our State of the State. Find out how we fared … Read Post