Clock Ticking for 300+ Bills Remaining in Legislature

This week in policy: With less than two weeks remaining in the legislative session, a lot of work remains to be done before legislators leave the Capitol, with some saying this is the most backed-up they’ve ever seen the system. Some major legislation has been introduced in the past week, and there’s still a lot to accomplish … Read Post

Chamber’s Legal Advisory Committee Helps Reform Several Bills

This week in policy: The Chamber’s Legal Advisory Committee (LAC) works throughout the session to collaborate with bill sponsors and other stakeholders on complex legislation that might need amendments or changes to make the legislation more friendly to Colorado’s business community. Recently, our LAC team has been incredibly successful in providing feedback to legislators that … Read Post

Legislature Hones In on Affordable Housing Efforts 🏡

Access to affordable housing has been a growing issue for the Denver area, with metro Denver now being named the fifth least affordable housing market in the country by OJO labs. The lack of available affordable and workforce housing is an issue that needs immediate attention and action. The Chamber and its Prosper Colorado initiative support efforts to increase the … Read Post

Legislature Relying on Carrots and Sticks this Session

This week in policy: While this legislative session has already covered an array of topics ranging from transportation and taxes to pollution and COVID-19 vaccines, the legislature has a limited number of tools to sway those impacted by certain bills. As a business community, the tools we pay the most attention to are the incentives and … Read Post

Chamber Supports Fentanyl Bill and Seeks to Address Possession

House Speaker Alec Garnett (D-Denver), Rep. Mike Lynch (R-Larimer, Weld), Sen. Brittany Pettersen (D-Jefferson) and Sen. John Cooke (R-Weld) introduced House Bill 1326 last Friday, prompting a critical statewide discussion about fentanyl use in Colorado and the best way to curb its proliferation. Colorado Public Radio reported in February that fentanyl fatalities in Colorado are rising faster than … Read Post