Meet Our New Trustee: VF Corporation

Every member at the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce is making an investment in transforming the future of our region. You are putting more and more Coloradans to work in really great jobs, and that alone is changing lives for generations. But, the commitment of our members goes even deeper than your own organizations – … Read Post

Legislative Session 25 Days Left: Our Priorities

Let’s be honest – time flies, and we only have 25 days left in the 120-day legislative session. We know you have been hearing a lot from us about the session, and frankly we are thrilled that we have been hearing so much from you about proposed legislation. We want to keep you up-to-date on … Read Post

Giving Back is Good Business

Our companies have been giving back to their community for generations – and today, it’s not only considered cool but expected – 86 percent of U.S. consumers expect companies to do good (specifically to take action on social, environmental or other community issues). Our members continue to lead in this arena, recognizing that their corporate giving … Read Post

Take Action on Senate Bill 188

A number of bills our members care deeply about are coming in fast. Last week, I mentioned Senate Bill 181, a bill that significantly changes how the energy industry works in Colorado, but with very little input from the industry. As we continue to work hard on that bill, we have a number of bills being … Read Post

Celebrating Leaders in Our Community

Each day, I identify the highlight of my day — and this week I know my highlight will be on Thursday when we celebrate the best in community leadership with our Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation at its Leading Colorado luncheon. We’re honoring the finalists for the 9NEWS Leader of the Year Award – Anthony … Read Post

Leadership Roundtable

On Entrepreneurship, Mentors and Being the Only Woman in the Room “Apparently today is the day women took over.” That comment from Chamber President and CEO Kelly Brough was greeted by laughter and cheers as she introduced four women who run their own companies and lead at the Chamber and its affiliates – something that’s … Read Post

Recognizing Outstanding Leaders in Our Community

Last week we heard from three incredible leaders – our 9NEWS Leader of the Year finalists Anthony Aragon, Dr. Nita Mosby Tyler and Andrew Schmidt. And, in case you missed it, it was amazing! As many of you know, each year our Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation and 9NEWS partner to select the 9NEWS Leader of … Read Post