The Cost of Traffic

We’re spending more time in traffic, and it’s really costing us! How much, exactly? Here in the Denver metro area we are spending an extra 52 hours each year in our cars due to congestion. And, our deteriorated, congested roads are costing us an extra $2,306 due to damage to our vehicles. These dollars really add … Read Post

Prosperity for All of Denver

You earn more over the course of your lifetime, you are less likely to be unemployed and your children have better health and educational outcomes when you achieve post-secondary credentials. That means when you earn a certificate, an associate degree, finish an apprenticeship program or have a bachelor’s degree you prosper – and so does … Read Post

Leadership Roundtable

On Entrepreneurship, Mentors and Being the Only Woman in the Room “Apparently today is the day women took over.” That comment from Chamber President and CEO Kelly Brough was greeted by laughter and cheers as she introduced four women who run their own companies and lead at the Chamber and its affiliates – something that’s … Read Post

Defining Success and Business on His Own Terms

“We only enjoy the stars because they lead us out of the darkness.” It’s a phrase that Joshua Hunt, founder and CEO of TRELORA and the 2018 9NEWS Leader of the Year has gravitated toward lately. Hunt was in the dark not too long ago. From the outside, he had it all: a great family … Read Post

Tackling Transportation

For the past five months our focus has been on advocating at the Capitol for our members. And, as we all know the ballot is another place that a lot of policy gets made in Colorado. The statewide transportation coalition we are part of will give voters the opportunity to address our woefully underfunded transportation … Read Post

State of Corporate Philanthropy in Colorado

Any economy is only a strong as it’s community. Our businesses are committed to ensuring Colorado’s nonprofit sector is strong, too. That’s why we joined with B:CIVIC, DaVita, TIAA and the University of Denver last year to actually start measuring that commitment and show how business is impacting our state through giving. And, the results … Read Post

Chamber Joins B:CIVIC, Community Partners to Release “Good Business: The State of Corporate Philanthropy in Colorado”

Philanthropic giving is on the rise in Colorado, according a first-of-its-kind report released Thursday afternoon that analyzed the philanthropic and volunteer efforts of the state’s business community. “Good Business: The State of Corporate Philanthropy in Colorado” was produced by B:CIVIC – an organization that promotes and advances corporate social responsibility in Colorado – in partnership with DaVita, the Denver Metro … Read Post