CO’s Outdoor Industry: It’s Big Biz

One of the reasons we all love Colorado is because we like to spend as much time as possible in the great outdoors — and we all know that Colorado has some of the best outdoor experiences in the world. You can find us riding our bikes, sitting on a patio, snowshoeing and skiing, walking … Read Post

Impact Denver Project Teams: Stepping Up to the Challenge

Leadership isn’t just a state of being; it’s an activity – that’s the mantra of the Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation. And, that’s why its participants get out into the community to put their leadership skills to the test. The spring 2017 Impact Denver class partnered with 10 nonprofits: Bluff Lake Nature Center, Denver Metro … Read Post

Lending a Hand to Social Enterprise

Social enterprise is growing in Denver, and in the spring, the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce partnered with a Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation Impact Denver project team to launch a training program for social enterprises – Sprout Tank: Growing Social Enterprise. Sprout Tank is a pitch-focused event (think “Shark Tank”) with a twist: all … Read Post

We’re Not the Only One Celebrating an Anniversary

As we celebrate 150 years of working for business, we never lose sight of the fact that we exist solely because of our members, and so many of you are celebrating big milestones, too. Here’s a few who have been doing amazing work and shaping Colorado for generations: 40 years of innovating in energy: Colorado has … Read Post

Innovative Transportation: Steam Engines to FasTracks

How we get from our homes to places to work, play and everywhere in between has drastically evolved from a horse and buggy during the time of the Denver Metro Chamber’s establishment to the driverless cars that are on the horizon. Since the Chamber’s founding in 1867 to bring the first train to Denver, we’ve … Read Post

All Aboard: First Train Arrives in Denver

Today marks a day of celebration not only for the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, but for the Denver business community: It’s the day that the first locomotive arrived in Denver in 1870 after years of hard work to connect the city to the rest of the nation. And, as the Chamber celebrates its 150th … Read Post

Breaking Ground on CO’s Housing 

In our economics class, we all learned that a very effective way to address the cost of something is to increase its supply. To that end, we got some great news last week for condo-seekers in the metro area: The Colorado Supreme Court upheld the ruling of the Colorado Court of Appeals last Monday that homeowner’s … Read Post