Capturing Your Market: The Hispanic Population

When you think of your target audience for your business, does the Hispanic population play a role? If it doesn’t, you’re missing a big – and growing – opportunity, business and sales leaders say. Consider the numbers: In the last year, 51 percent of the U.S.’s 2.2 million-person population growth was among Hispanics. Here in … Read Post

Small Biz: Brewing Success

Kent Dawson is no stranger to the hard work it takes to start his own business. He learned young as he and his brother Greg spent their summer breaks helping their grandparents tend to their farm. “Spending time on ‘The Farm’ was no picnic: this wasn’t one of those grandparents spoiling the grandkids situation. It … Read Post

5 Tips for a Holly, Jolly & Productive Holiday

Holidays – they’re time for family, friends and maybe the occasional eggnog, but they also are one of the busiest times of the year. Even though it’s a busy time of year, employee levels drop by 52 percent between mid-December and the New Year. Here are five tips to keep your team productive this holiday … Read Post

Giving Back to Small Biz

For 30 years, the Denver Metro Small Business Development Center (Denver Metro SBDC), has been an affiliate of the Chamber, focused on giving back to the small business community. From providing free and low-cost business resources to the partnerships and connections that let small business make big-business-sized impact in the community, the Denver Metro SBDC … Read Post

There’s No Place like Home, Especially if You Live in CO

Colorado Loves Work … And Play There aren’t many places where you can be in the boardroom in the morning and on the slopes by the afternoon. Colorado is a work hard, play hard state. As the second-fastest growing state in the nation, professionals are flocking to the metro Denver region – part of that … Read Post

Entrepreneurs: Not Afraid of a Challenge

“An entrepreneur is someone who jumps off a cliff and builds a plane on the way down.” — Reid Hoffman On #NationalEntreprenuersDay we want to celebrate those who have paved the way for innovative ideas and exciting companies by taking that leap. Entrepreneurs are passionate risk-takers who make an impact on our economy, and they‘ve made … Read Post

Saving Energy, Saving Money

As a business, you look for ways to cut your overhead costs – have you thought about how your monthly utilities bill plays into your business’ overall revenue? In Colorado the average monthly commercial electricity bill is $449, which ranks 42nd in the nation. Colorado spends almost 29 percent less than the nation, but even … Read Post