Five Tips to Get to Know Your Customers

So you’ve made your first sale … congratulations! You’re feeling on top of the world and ready to tackle your next prospect, but before you do, you have some work to do. You need to make sure your new customer has all the tools they need to best utilize your product or service and hit … Read Post

How to Boost Local Economies with High-Performance Networks

As we’re engulfed in the information age, more and more businesses must use technology in their daily operations. Whether they use mobile devices, access internet-based services in the cloud or hold live video conversations, technology is becoming more widely used every day. New technologies are helping businesses move faster, provide better customer service, attract employees … Read Post

Five Tips for a Great Job Posting

In the employment search, it can often seem like the job seeker is the one who needs to be ready to impress. The reality is, prospective employees and employers alike need to bring their a-game. In today’s market with a historic low unemployment rate of 2.3 percent, job seekers have the upper hand. They have … Read Post

Lending a Hand to Social Enterprise

Social enterprise is growing in Denver, and in the spring, the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce partnered with a Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation Impact Denver project team to launch a training program for social enterprises – Sprout Tank: Growing Social Enterprise. Sprout Tank is a pitch-focused event (think “Shark Tank”) with a twist: all … Read Post

Kwong Boosts Biz with Help of Tweets, Teens

Our Winter Chamber Champion Helene Kwong, Hashtagitude CEO and founder, helps businesses grow their digital presence while giving back to a Chamber affiliate – Denver Opportunity Youth Initiative – by helping youth in the program grow their résumés. Kwong understands the importance of providing real-world learning opportunities to youth who are working to get the … Read Post

What’s a Social Enterprise?

What do you get when you combine nonprofit’s passion of improving human and environmental well-being with the market-driven approach of business? A social enterprise. Metro Denver is home to a thriving network of social enterprises including the Women’s Bean Project which provides women with on-the-job training that, in turn, allows participants to build their confidence … Read Post