Meet Sohan Jhaveri: Founder of SoJo Kitchen & Co.

Determination and creativity are baked right into the heart of SoJo Kitchen & Co. That, plus a whole lot of “luv”. Freshly fourteen years old, eight grader Sohan Jhaveri is the founder and chief executive baker of SoJo Kitchen & Company and the youngest member (with his mother’s full support, of course!) of the Denver … Read Post

Small Business, Big Connections

Last week, the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce and the Denver Metro Small Business Development Center (SBDC) gathered to hear the stories of three successful small business owners and recognize VF Corporation’s Kellye Gordon, the 2021 Bill Daniels Ethical Leader of the Year, presented by the University of Denver Colorado Business School. Vectra Bank was … Read Post

Chamber Champ Gina Ventola

When Gina Ventola was doing research in how to effectively market a small business shortly after the launch of Ventola Law in 2013, she stumbled upon an article from the Small Business Administration that recommended getting involved with a community organization. After some research, Ventola found the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce as the organization … Read Post

“Your Conversation With” Keeps the Dialogue Going

The Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce “Your Conversation With” series has continued to facilitate fascinating conversations among business leaders and members of the Denver community on topics ranging from the Denver Public Library to leadership lessons from board chairs of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, Denver Metro Leadership Foundation, Denver Metro Small Business Development … Read Post