“Your Conversation With” Keeps the Dialogue Going

The Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce “Your Conversation With” series has continued to facilitate fascinating conversations among business leaders and members of the Denver community on topics ranging from the Denver Public Library to leadership lessons from board chairs of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, Denver Metro Leadership Foundation, Denver Metro Small Business Development Center and Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation.

These virtual meetings have provided opportunities for both featured guests and participants to share their expertise with others. The two most recent conversations, with Chamber Board Member Mowa Haile of Sky Blue Builders and Michelle Jeske of the Denver Public Library, led to robust conversations around economic recovery for the city, small business development, the impact of technology on information services and the importance of mentorship. Below are a few of the key quotes and takeaways from those sessions:

  • Reach out to a mentor. “Mentorship makes you a more holistic leader. I love the Colorado community for our willingness to help others. Mentoring has been key to my success, and I encourage everyone to identify a mentor,” said Haile.
  • Take note of opportunities you’ve been given and pave the way for others. “Besides being open to possibility, another theme in my life is being incredibly lucky. I’ve had so many people help me. For that I am grateful and now try to do that for others,” remarked Jeske.
  • Lean into developing your skills. “Early on when we started, there were four of us and I knew from the beginning that I’d never managed a $1 million company. For people to pretend or think they know does a disservice to their company. To admit that I didn’t know was the first step,” added Haile.
  • Shared public space is vital for community. “COVID’s aftermath has laid bare how important digital access, public space and community are,” said Jeske.

You can also watch recordings of both sessions. Click here for the conversation with Michelle Jeske, and click here for the conversation with Mowa Haile.

Join us for the next “Your Conversation With” on May 18 for a discussion with the CEO and Executive Director of Firefly Autism and the 2021 9NEWS Leader of the Year Jesse Ogas. Register for the event and watch the video below to learn more about Ogas ahead of the event.

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