Our Pillars

For more than 150 years, we’ve been focused on putting Coloradans to work. We target three key areas, or pillars, that impact our economy: education and workforce, health and wellness and infrastructure. We know our economic success depends on having a workforce that is highly educated and qualified, as well as healthy and productive, and having the infrastructure needed to move goods and people and ensure efficient use of our natural resources.

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Educated Workforce

Our economic success depends on how we support our education system. Colorado requires a strong education system – all the way from preschool to post-secondary – to meet the demands of the knowledge-based economy we are working so hard to grow in Colorado. Building a homegrown, smart workforce to fill the needs of our employers depends on our ability to educate our kids effectively and accurately assess our progress in doing so.

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Healthy Workforce

One of our not-so-secret weapons we use to encourage companies to grow or relocate here is our workforce. Being healthy means we can accomplish more, and as the cost of health care grows, it means our workforce keeps the cost of doing business lower.

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Strong Foundation

Infrastructure is backbone of our economy. It’s what moves us, from the roads and bridges we drive on and the rail lines we commute over to the telecommunications that drive our businesses. It’s what sustains us, from our headwaters to the array of energy our state produces. These are the essential needs for our businesses and community to thrive.

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