Who It’s For

  • Micro-Business Owners
  • Sales Representatives
  • Sales Managers

What It’s About
The Denver Metro Chamber’s Leads Groups are for business leaders who want to expand their network, gain quality business development leads and support one another through the ups and downs of selling services or running a company.

Built on a longer-term commitment, our Leads Groups help you develop a go-to circle of contacts who can open the doors needed to grow your company and yourself.

What to Expect

  • Groups range from 10-25 members, with one business from each industry represented to avoid direct competition within the group.
  • Weekly meetings are typically 60-75 minutes long and held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays at the Chamber.
  • Offered to Network Membership + Leads Group members and above.

The typical group meets three to four times a month and are held at the Chamber. Leads Groups are led by trained volunteer Chamber members.

Participation is open to all members for $100 a year. A representative of a company may only join one group. However, a company may have multiple representatives sitting in different groups at one time.

To join a group, please visit the following link and schedule a visit with the groups that fit your schedule.

See 2022-2023 Leads Leadership Roster

Want to join a group?


New group members, once excepted into a group a payment link will be sent to you via your group leader(s). Please share your payment receipt with the group leader(s) and you will be added to the group roster.

Returning/renewing group members, a payment link will be sent to you from the Chamber Programs team during your anniversary month (month you joined your group). Please share your payment receipt with your group leader(s) to stay current in your group.  If payment is not received 60 days past your anniversary (due date), the member will be removed from the group roster and placed at the bottom of the waitlist (if needed).

Questions? Contact rob.rose@denverchamber.org

Catherine Capilupi

Catherine Capilupi has been an active member of the Chamber since 2015 and has held a leadership role in some capacity since 2016. The Leads Group program, and other leadership opportunities, have attributed to 25% of Catherine’s business. She has made life-long friends with both Leads Group and Chamber members.

Becky Moore

Becky Moore is a Small Business and Personal Insurance specialist, working with over 130 carriers and bringing over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry. Becky is currently the vice president of Leads Group Sunshine Peak.

Carshon Rodgers

Carshon Rodgers is an independent financial advisor. Since 2017, Carshon has been an active member of the Chamber, a Leads Group member and a leader. She also leads one of the Chambers’ Gold Member Alliance Programs (GMAP).

Gina Ventola

Gina has worked in the legal industry for over 30 years as a Practice Manager, Paralegal, Technology Services Manager, LAN Administrator and Word Processing Supervisor. Since 2013, Gina, along with her husband, Sam, has been widely involved with the Chamber, including Leads Group, Gold Member Alliance Programs (GMAP), and Ambassadors.

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