8 Steps to Hiring for Skill and Fit

Recruiting key positions for your organization can be exhilarating. Finding the right person who is both qualified for the job and a good cultural fit is critical. And, while the future and possibilities are motivating, it is easy to get discouraged and lost along the way. More often, we see employers lose sight of their original goals for the position and hire for qualifications while neglecting to consider cultural fit, or vice versa. Be patient with yourself and the process, and your organization will be rewarded. In this guide you’ll learn:

  • How to understand the role you’re filling
  • Tips for the candidate search and interview
  • Steps to hiring the best fit


Addiction: A Hidden Epidemic in the Workplace

Whether you work at a company with 50 employees or 5,000, you have colleagues impacted by alcohol or other drug addiction. Many employers believe that addiction doesn’t affect their business because they have a highly educated workforce or they drug test. With almost 10 percent of adults suffering from addiction, and at least three or four additional people impacted as loved ones, that’s simply not true. In this guide you’ll learn:

  • How addiction impacts your workplace – and the cost of ignoring addiction
  • Six steps you can take as an employer to address the issue
  • How one company has found success in providing resources to its employees who are impacted by addiction

6 Powerful Ways to Take Your Video Strategy to the Next Level

Whether your organization employs a full communications team or you’re a solopreneur bootstrapping your efforts, video shines in any smart marketing strategy today – so make sure you’re including it in your outreach strategies this year. This guide will answer your questions when it comes to using video to promote your business, such as how to:

  • Develop a successful video strategy
  • Create customized content and share a well-branded story
  • Define your message
  • Choose the best social or digital platform for your final product

What Colorado Employers Need to Know About Marijuana and Workers’ Compensation

It’s been a few years since the recreational use of marijuana was legalized in Colorado. Employers still have questions about what they can – and can’t – do about employee marijuana use. We’ll help answer your questions when it comes to marijuana legalization and your workplace, such as:

  • Can employers enforce drug-free workplace policies?
  • Is it illegal to prohibit medical use?
  • What if an employee gets injured on the job?

Data Security: 10 Ways to Protect Your Business

Data Security doesn’t have to be complicated. This guidebook will give you the essential insights you need to protect your data and help you assess where you are as a business.

  • Know the Costs: Not all data security needs are the same; understand the risks and financial costs if you do lose your data or systems go down
  • Encrypt Your Data: Protect your personal information and secure it
  • Be mobile aware:Find out how to set up employee devices to protect data outside of the office
  • Train employees: This is your number one line of defense


Pro Tips for Maximizing  the Value of Video 

Get insight into why video is an essential vehicle for your business marketing toolkit:

  • Shareable and Digestible: U.S. viewers consume 40 billion content videos each month
  • Emotional Connection: 90 percent of customers report that product videos help them make purchasing decisions
  • Brand Awareness: 80 percent of customers remember a video they’ve watched in the last month


Influencer Marketing: New Strategies to Get Your Message Heard

Learn why you should work with influencers and what best practices will make your influencer marketing campaign a success, such as:

  • Giving them a good brief
  • Don’t be too controlling
  • Offer something special
  • Use a tool or agency to get your first campaign off the ground


Five Ways You’re Not Capitalizing on Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Here are a few things you’ll learn in this guide:

  • Integration is key to success – it’s not just about traditional marketing
  • Know where your audience is
  • Be more specific in who you’re targeting
  • Test, revise, test


The Science of Reaching & Activating Your Audience

      This guide will provide you with:

  • Tools to build audience personas
  • Tactical information to reach activate your company’s audience
  • A tangible marketing strategy
  • Tips on how to measure and track performance