8 Steps to Hiring for Skill and Fit
Recruit for Key Positions in Your Organization

Recruiting key positions for your organization can be exhilarating. Finding the right person that is both qualified for the job and a good cultural fit is critical. And, while the future and possibilities are motivating, it is easy to get discouraged and lost along the way. More often, we see employers lose sight of their original goals for the position and hire for qualifications while neglecting to consider cultural fit, or vice versa. Be patient with yourself and the process, and your organization will be rewarded.

This guide, in partnership with HR Advantage Group, provides you, as an employer, practical tools to help balance your goals for the position and find the right fit with your company culture, including:

  • Understanding the role you’re filling
  • Tips for the candidate search and interview
  • Hiring the best fit


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