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Coloradans For Practical Policies is a coalition of organizations representing a dozen diverse industries with more than 400,000 employees across Colorado. Formed in 2022, members of the coalition are dedicated to implementing effective and pragmatic policies that deliver the quality-of-life Coloradans deserve while balancing the needs of our economy and its job creators.

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Practical Solutions to Address Air Quality
Coloradans For Practical Policies recognizes that fresh, clean air is an essential aspect of our quality-of-life in Colorado. We also recognize that air pollution is a complex issue with no easy answers. Practical solutions come from those closest to the challenge. In other words, Coloradans will provide the best answers, not one-size-fits-all federal regulations. We know that when Coloradans come together to solve a problem, Colorado wins.

Despite our real success in reducing ground-level ozone-causing emissions, ozone levels remain high in Colorado. As a result, the Environmental Protection Agency has proposed to reclassify the Front Range as a Severe nonattainment area under the 2008 ozone standard.

The “Severe” classification will:

  • Force Front Range drivers to pay an extra 50 cents or more per gallon for “reformulated gasoline” (RFG)
  • Force Colorado residents and businesses to bear an $800 million cost
  • Not make a real improvement in decreasing ozone pollution
  • Burden front-line workers and low-income communities with high prices and uncertain gasoline supply

There are better alternatives to improving Colorado’s air quality than just accepting another reclassification and overly burdensome regulations.

Read Coloradans For Practical Policies’ comments addressing Colorado’s 2008/2015 Ozone State Implementation Plan (SIP) and Associated Regulations at the meeting of the Air Quality Control Commission in September 2022.

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