Each session, we take positions on legislation that will have an impact on the business community and our economy. The Chamber uses economic data, business best practices, and the feedback of our members to drive our policy strategy.

We work to keep our members informed about impactful policy and create opportunities for them to take a stance. However, in today’s political and policy climate, it is important to show lawmakers the people behind the businesses they are affecting.

In addition to policy email updates, the Chamber has a new action platform that allows the unique voices of the business community to be heard across the state. Direct input from businesses, leaders and community members can be enough to sway legislation and build a policy climate that helps Colorado’s economy thrive.

Sign-up to join our advocacy network to help us promote investment, job creation and a competitive business climate in the Colorado and Metro Denver region.

By signing up, we will connect you with pre-written letters and social media posts that can be sent to your legislator or provide you with the tools to construct a statement that is personal to your experience.