Infrastructure Committee

Infrastructure is the backbone of our region, and we’re focused on everything from mobility and online connectivity to our natural resources. In this committee, you’ll meet leaders in all facets of infrastructure—from energy and housing to mobility and water—to get a deep understanding of how the things we build shape our community.

Meet Our Co-Chairs:
Chris Piper
Denver Water
Katie Kruger
Denver Metro Commercial Association of Realtors

When we meet:
The Infrastructure Committee typically meets on the third Friday of every month. Contact publicpolicy@denverchamber.org for more information.

Past agendas and presentations:
Agenda: March 15, 2019
Presentation: National Western Center “Triangle” Redevelopment
Presentation: Stadium District Master Plan
Agenda: April 19, 2019
Agenda: May 17, 2019
Presentation: Building a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility
Agenda: September 20, 2019
Presentation: Ballot Guide
Presentation: Proposition CC
Presentation: Express Lanes Master Plan
Agenda: October 19, 2019
Presentation: The River Mile
Agenda: November 15, 2019
Presentation: Gates District at Broadway Station
Agenda: January 17, 2020
Presentation: For the Love of Colorado
Agenda: February 21, 2020
Presentation: P3s in Colorado
Agenda: March 20, 2020
March 2020 Committee Meeting Recording
Presentation: MobilityNext