Colorado’s State Budget

No matter the sector you work in, you know budgets are critical. They are a reflection of an organization’s priorities. And, the state of Colorado’s budget is no different. Every December and March, the state issues an updated budget forecast based on policy changes and actual performance since the last forecast. The last two budgets … Read Post

Investing in Transportation

UPDATE: On Friday, the last day to file any other titles for the November ballot, the coalition filed a fifth ballot title to provide another option to address state and local transportation priorities that would increase sales tax 0.35 percent. On Feb. 22, we joined with a large coalition of partners from across the state to … Read Post

Aviation led 2017 industry growth in Metro Denver

Aviation was the nine-county region’s fastest growing cluster in 2017 and was among five of the 13 clusters/subclusters that grew by nearly 5 percent or more between 2016 and 2017, according to the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation’s (Metro Denver EDC) 12th-annual Industry Cluster Study. Six of the 13 clusters/subclusters grew over 20 percent between 2012 and … Read Post

Going for Gold

I love the Olympics! The athletic achievements. The powerful personal stories of the athletes. And, this year these games take us to Pyeongchang, South Korea. These Olympics are particularly cool for those of us in Colorado, because we sent 31 of the U.S.’s 242 winter Olympians. That’s more Olympians than any other state in the nation … Read Post

A Look Back on 2017

Not only was 2017 a great year for the Chamber, it was a great year for Colorado. As we celebrated our 150th anniversary, Colorado had a couple of milestones of its own. Take a look back on 2017 with us. To see all of Colorado’s rankings, tracked by our affiliate, the Metro Denver Economic Development … Read Post

The Value of Trade on CO’s Economy

Our mission is to put Coloradans to work in really good jobs. The reason we are good at that is because we work together throughout our state, we help develop our workforce and we value them. We invest in the right things like infrastructure (and, yes, we know we desperately need investment in our transportation … Read Post

The Next Step with Amazon

Last week our team at the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation (Metro Denver EDC) was greeted with a simple email that has big implications for our region and our state: We are among the 20 cities that Amazon is continuing to consider in its hunt for its second North American headquarters. Our phones started ringing … Read Post