The Workplace Trend That’s Here to Stay: Telecommuting

Telecommuting, also known as teleworking or remote working, is a global professional trend on the rise across businesses large and small. In fact, studies show that 70 percent of people globally work from home at least once per week. Factors like the cost of child care, chronic health problems, lengthy commute times and distracting environments … Read Post

Small Wonder

Businesses Finding Success – and Making a Big Impact Small business continues to play a big role in Colorado’s economy, employing 1.1 million people and representing 99.5 percent of businesses. But, something bigger happens through these businesses, says Colorado Lending Source Executive Director Mike O’Donnell. “I’m of the opinion that if you work for yourself … Read Post

In Business There’s No Secret Recipe

Every business has its own unique journey, but it’s how you take risk and build your team that Paul Tamburello, Founder of Little Man Ice Cream credits to his success. “Risk for me has been one of those things where you test your skills, you test your team and I’ve never been let down,” Tamburello … Read Post

6 Powerful Ways to Take Your Video Strategy to the Next Level

Whether your organization employs a full communications team or you’re a solopreneur bootstrapping your efforts, video shines in any smart marketing strategy today – so make sure you’re including it in your outreach strategies this year. This guide, in partnership with Fireside Production, will answer your questions when it comes to using video to promote your … Read Post

AI & It’s Impact on Business

Our business at the Chamber is your business. And, it is no secret that technology continues to change our lives and disrupt how we do business. The Brookings Institution just released a report on how automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are impacting our work. The great news: Our region is one of the least at-risk of losing … Read Post

Best Tool to Improve Your Business? Leadership

Leadership matters – it’s an important driver in any business – and that’s true whether it’s a two-person food truck or a health care provider that employs thousands. “No matter the size of your business, it’s important for leadership to empower their team to achieve their mission,” Erika Lamont, a managing director for leadership consulting … Read Post

New Year, New Ways to Get Involved

I may not do resolutions, but I do set goals for myself and the Chamber – and, I’m sure all of you do the same for your companies. And, one of our goals is to ensure you achieve all of yours ?. Here are just a few ways your investment with the Chamber can help … Read Post