How Colorado’s New Laws and Regulations Will Impact Your Business in 2021

Regulations have changed more in the past 10 years than in the previous 50. Fully understanding these new employment laws and regulations is key for employers to implement them correctly. Enacting policies around new rules on equal pay, paid family leave, minimum wage and salary increases can be daunting for companies to ensure they are in compliance. These laws are complex, detailed and can be hard to fully grasp without legal expertise. At the same time, non-compliance can result in severe financial penalties and other consequences, so it is vital that Colorado businesses have a comprehensive knowledge of these rules.

This guide, in partnership with Obsidian HR, provides you as an employer with insights and details about new rules and how they will affect your business including:

  • Clear, actionable steps for your HR team or HR partner.
  • Timelines for laws being rolled out in phases.
  • Webinars on what these laws mean for your business.

Download the guide.