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If you live in Denver, your ballot has likely arrived, and there is one item on the ballot that can impact our entire region: Initiative 300. The initiative would allow people to camp indefinitely in all outdoor spaces, from parks to sidewalks to public venues like Red Rocks. The initiative prohibits enforcement of laws like … Read Post

This Week in Policy

Stabilizing Rent – Utilizing a Harmful Tool  The Chamber’s Vice President of Government Affairs, Mizraim Cordero, testified against Senate Bill 225 on Monday. The bill would authorize local governments to impose rent control regulations on their communities. However, research is clear that rent control does not accomplish what it sets out to do and actually harms the … Read Post

Legislative Session 25 Days Left: Our Priorities

Let’s be honest – time flies, and we only have 25 days left in the 120-day legislative session. We know you have been hearing a lot from us about the session, and frankly we are thrilled that we have been hearing so much from you about proposed legislation. We want to keep you up-to-date on … Read Post

This Week in Policy

Education Bills: Getting Students through School with Credits and Real-World Work Experience This week the Chamber supported three education bills that will provide additional opportunities for educational attainment for our students. Education is among our pillars to build a strong economy – talent is the most valuable asset for employers and is what attracts great … Read Post

This Week in Policy

Economic and Revenue Forecast Impacts State Budget Kate Watkins, chief economist for the Colorado Legislative Council, presented the Council’s economic and revenue forecast to the Chamber’s Legislative Policy Committee this week following the release of their March Revenue Forecast. Both the Legislative Council and the Governor’s Office of State Planning and Budgeting, who also released … Read Post

Take Action on Senate Bill 188

A number of bills our members care deeply about are coming in fast. Last week, I mentioned Senate Bill 181, a bill that significantly changes how the energy industry works in Colorado, but with very little input from the industry. As we continue to work hard on that bill, we have a number of bills being … Read Post

This Week in Policy

Mandatory Family and Medical Leave Insurance Bill Moving through Senate Last Thursday, legislation authorizing the long-awaited Family Medical Leave Insurance Program (FAMLI) was introduced and was quickly heard in and passed out of the Senate Business, Labor and Technology Committee on Wednesday. The business community has been aware of this legislation and has participated in … Read Post