Vote No on Question 200

With an unemployment rate hovering around 3 percent and an economy ranked top in the country by U.S. News and World Report and 24/7 Wall Street, it’s clear that Colorado is doing something right. As a community, many of us have taken advantage of the upsides of this economic growth – things like job mobility, … Read Post

Chamber Advocacy: Amplifying Your Voice

We advocate on behalf of our members because we know we can be more successful when we raise our voices together – and we do that at the Capitol each legislative session. The legislative session closed earlier this month, and we reflected on it at our State of the State. Find out how we fared … Read Post

A Look Back at the Session at State of the State

Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Kelly Brough expressed disappointment with the process for engaging in policy debate during the just-concluded legislative session – for the business community and many others who worked to have their voice heard on issues ranging from oil and gas regulations to family leave time. “When a process … Read Post

FAMLI Bill Changes Amid Biz Concerns

It’s being reported by The Denver Post and discussed at the Capitol that Senate Bill 188, which would have created a mandatory state-run family and medical insurance program funded through a $2 billion payroll tax on employers and employees, will be amended into a study. Defeating this bill was a top priority for the Chamber because of … Read Post

Join Us With Together Denver

If you live in Denver, your ballot has likely arrived, and there is one item on the ballot that can impact our entire region: Initiative 300. The initiative would allow people to camp indefinitely in all outdoor spaces, from parks to sidewalks to public venues like Red Rocks. The initiative prohibits enforcement of laws like … Read Post

This Week in Policy

Stabilizing Rent – Utilizing a Harmful Tool  The Chamber’s Vice President of Government Affairs, Mizraim Cordero, testified against Senate Bill 225 on Monday. The bill would authorize local governments to impose rent control regulations on their communities. However, research is clear that rent control does not accomplish what it sets out to do and actually harms the … Read Post

Legislative Session 25 Days Left: Our Priorities

Let’s be honest – time flies, and we only have 25 days left in the 120-day legislative session. We know you have been hearing a lot from us about the session, and frankly we are thrilled that we have been hearing so much from you about proposed legislation. We want to keep you up-to-date on … Read Post