Whether you are not sure how your company PCs should be configured, unsure of where to start when setting up your website, anxious about data security and hacking threats or all the above, this training has you covered. When you leave this session, you will be armed with the knowledge to solve computer problems and the ability to save money by eliminating the traditional IT support model.

What you’ll learn:


  • What laptop should I buy?
  • How should I setup and maintain your PCs? (Checklists included)
  • Which office phones should I buy?

Internet & Network

  • Which Internet Provider should I use?
  • How should my network be setup

Other Devices

  • What other devices can be used to improve my business?

Section 2 – Simplify IT

  • What is the cloud?
  • Why should I use the cloud?
  • What email provider should I use?
  • Which business applications are best for my business?
  • Which systems are best for my business?
  • How should I manage my documents and data?

Section 3 – Protect Your Company

  • How Secure is the Cloud?
  • How strong are my passwords?
  • What is the best firewall for my company?
  • Are my Wi-fi devices secure?
  • How do I protect myself from hackers?
  • What antivirus software should I use?

Section 4 – Right-size Your IT Support

  • How do I minimize the cost of IT support?
  • How do I find on-demand, real-time help?

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