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When Carina Martin, CEO founded A Precious Child in 2008, she envisioned a world where every child grows up to be a secure, self-reliant and contributing member of their community. Recognizing children from low-income households face more barriers to academic success than their more affluent peers, she sought to remove these barriers for children in need in her community. While there is a wealth of impactful nonprofits in the Denver Metro-area, many conversations with community and non-profit leaders, social workers and educators identified a gap in services that provided for children’s most basic needs. A Precious Child served 84 families from her garage in its initial year and has since grown to provide basic essentials for more than 57,000 children and 7,000 adult caregivers annually from our 26,000 sq. ft. facility, as well as 38 Satellite Resource Center locations. A Precious Child began by providing clothing, coats, household goods and toiletries to children in need – what is now called our Precious Essentials program – and over time added 7 more unique programs that were established after identifying specific community needs. Founded on the basis of collaboration, A Precious Child works alongside other nonprofits, schools, government agencies and many others to ensure the needs of all children in our community are met. This allows us to keep a pulse on changing community needs and adapt our services as new needs arise. QREM recently found A Precious Child is currently serving 12% of all Colorado children living in households below the Colorado Self-Sufficiency Standard. Working toward the actualization of her vision, it is her hope A Precious Child is not only able to continue to expand our current services until 100% of all Colorado children living below the Self-Sufficiency Standard have access to the basic essentials they need to thrive, but we are also able to continue to add programs in response to emerging community needs.

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