Boettcher Foundation

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600 17th St., Ste. 2210S
Denver, CO 80202-5422

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The history of the Boettcher family in Colorado is one of seeking opportunity, valuing hard work and, ultimately, giving back to Colorado. Established in 1937, the Boettcher Foundation has played an instrumental role in Colorado philanthropy for more than 85 years. With a deeply rooted belief in the promise of Colorado and the potential of Coloradans, the foundation supports projects that connect communities, address statewide challenges, and nurture civic, educational, and rural leaders. Foundation investments encompass organizations, infrastructure, and individuals while promoting community building and tackling critical issues. The Boettcher family valued hard work, championed excellence, and sought ways to support the people and communities around them. Today, the Boettcher Foundation continues to be guided by the family’s values and legacy as we seek to propel Colorado forward.

Katie Kramer
(303) 534-1937
Member since: 2005

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