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The City of Castle Pines has reached a point in its development - including facing an increasing number of critical issues - that City Council felt it was vital to expand and enhance our direct communication with our citizens. People need and desire to have access to information about the issues facing the community, and the City in turn needs their direct input and feedback in the decision-making process. The objective is to provide factual, unfiltered information which citizens can use to form their own opinions and make thoughtful decisions. City Council identified communications as a priority in the City's 2010-11 goals: "Improve the transparency, accountability and efficiency of local government, consistently communicating our actions and rationale. Certainly one of the most effective ways to improve transparency and accountability is to communicate directly and more frequently with our residents and business owners. Among the communications strategies being developed to achieve that goal are the creation of a new print newsletter, The Castle Pines Citizen; a more proactive media relations effort; continuing the monthly e-newsletter News & Notes; continuing periodic email alerts; producing an enhanced annual report; developing a visual library of photography to be used in all communications vehicles; revising and enhancing the City website; expanded use of social media; use of media advertising where appropriate; and providing more opportunities for citizen input, including a Web-based survey focusing on communications. To implement these strategies and achieve the overall goal Castle Pines, after an extensive search and interview process, contracted with CH2M HILL to provide these services. The company has provided a range of city services, including limited communications, since 2008. While approximately $35,000 was spent on communications last year, Council has increased this budget item to $65,000 annually, which is not an unusual amount for a city of this size to carry out this critical function. As Castle Pines has matured from a concept in late 2006 to a fully functional City our communications approach has needed to adapt. During the pre-incorporation phase, the focus was very much on the ideas of a City. After incorporation the focus shifted towards progress in the tasks of starting a new City. Now that the City is fully functional, the focus shifts again to how we are actively using the autonomy of incorporation to make this a better place to live, where the emphasis will be on the sense of place of Castle Pines.

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