Community Shares of Colorado

Nonprofit, Human Resources, Wellness

789 Sherman St., Ste. 230
Denver, CO 80203

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During our annual Community Giving Campaign, Community Shares encourages donors to designate gifts to the charities and causes they care about most. Using an incremental giving model through paycheck contributions and monthly electronic funds transfer, Community Shares democratizes philanthropy and offers accessible giving options to all who wish to make an impact. Inspiring philanthropy by connecting individuals, nonprofit organizations, local governments, and businesses, Community Shares helps build a more vital and vibrant community. Community Shares includes over 100 member nonprofit organizations dedicated to improving health and well being, conserving Colorado’s environment, working for a just society, promoting animal welfare, and fostering cultural understanding and the arts. Each organization has a unique mission, innovative service delivery, and a proven history of turning investment into achievement. Community Shares reaches over 220,000 Coloradoans in 160 workplace giving campaigns. With an average paycheck contribution gift of less than $1 each day, Community Shares donors raised nearly $1.6 million for Colorado nonprofit organizations in 2006. Working together, our community of “everyday philanthropists” show incremental giving can make a monumental difference.

Robin Wood-Mason
(303) 861-7507
Member since: 2005

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