Denver Preschool Program

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305 Park Ave. West, Ste. B
Denver, CO 80205-3523

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Approved by voters in 2006 for an initial period of 10 years, the Denver Preschool Program was created to connect Denver’s families with high-quality preschool. It accomplishes this in three distinct ways: By increasing ACCESS to preschool for all Denver families • Funded by a 12-cent sales tax on a $100 purchase, the Denver Preschool Program extends tuition support to all Denver families with a child in the last year of preschool before kindergarten. By providing a CHOICE of the city’s best preschools • Families can choose to apply their tuition support toward any one of more than 250 participating preschools all over the metro area. These preschools represent a wide variety of options for families, including school-based, community-based, Montessori, bilingual, faith-based, family child care homes, and more. By raising the bar on QUALITY early education • The Denver Preschool Program investment has enabled all participating programs to be independently rated for quality so that families can choose the best for their child. Additional investments in coaching and professional development have enhanced the quality of preschool across the city.

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