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Hyder Construction Inc.

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1031 Santa Fe Drive, Suite 300
Denver, CO 80204

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Post-War Beginnings In 1946, James Hyder founded his construction company in a burgeoning post-war Denver. Work was plentiful, especially in the Colorado mountains, where only a few companies had experience with the elevation, pitch, and often extreme weather conditions that made virtually every project a challenge. James’s son, Hugh Hyder, took over in 1960 and was president of Hyder for the next 27 years. Projects varied from municipal infrastructure, to lodging and resorts, to corporate and institutional and the company thrived, building in many locations other than the mountains. Looking Toward a New Century In 1987, a trio that included Neil McLagan, his son Tom, and Ray Lobato purchased Hyder Construction because of the company’s exceptional reputation. Although the Colorado economy was in a downturn and construction opportunities were sparse, the company prospered and grew steadily. The Spirit of Hyder Today Today, more than 70 years later, we’re known for genuine innovation, unequaled quality, uncompromising standards, and exceptional value. Our ownership partners have a vested interest in the success and the legacy of the company, each and every one dedicated to outstanding service.

Matt Huelskamp
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