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Amplify your professional influence. Be more influential, more rewarded, and more U. Take charge of your career. Would you like to be more influential? Being influential is about your ability to get things done with less resources – time, money, and energy. Influential U are the experts in Professional Influence. Over the past 15 years, thousands of professionals worldwide have applied Influential U’s framework to increase their value, accelerate their influence, and improve their overall satisfaction. We help you build the career you desire, get paid what you’re worth, and not work so hard in the process. We show you how to have work, work for you. We teach Transactional Competence, the modern-day science and philosophy of human influence. Our advanced business education gives you practical, real-world skills on how to transact and influence effectively and ethically – for more mutually beneficial outcomes for all parties. We are always transacting. Those who transact powerfully, thrive! Thrive at Influential U.

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