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Description Whether you are selling products, pitching ideas, sharing a vision, inspiring colleagues, or connecting with collaborators, your goals require clear, concise, and captivating communication. This is true at all levels of the org chart, and when the opportunity to speak arises, there are NO second chances. The Professional Communicators prepare people for their moment, whether it’s on a stage, in a boardroom, or at a client lunch. Our services, refined over 36 years of collective experience perfecting the public speaking skills of a diverse group of speakers, include: --Workshops to build industry- and context-specific communication skills, including group work and one-on-one coaching; --Content development sessions that create engaging keynote addresses and winning presentations; --Individual public speaking training to guide you to mastery of being a memorable, compelling, captivating, and concise speaker; and --Media training systems that give you complete control over your message regardless of the occasion or outlet. Boost your bottom line by making you, your fellow executives, and entire staff the best communicators with the expert training of The Professional Communicators.

Kurt MacDonald
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