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Socyl [soh-shuh l] is a multi-faceted social application with a central focus: Now. We show you currently available friends, people with similar interests, and local events within a radius set by you. Use Socyl for Spontaneous Socialization - A workout partner. A person who speaks your language. Someone who is also tackling that Algebra problem. Someone going to the same show you are. Use Socyl to discover people with similar interests who are available when you are - right now. Impromptu Lunch - Friends who are busy professionals know it can be hard to arrange getting lunch with each other, even one building away. With Socyl you can show availability only to specific friends so they can reach out if they’re available too. Support the Away Team - Use Socyl to find people all over the world who are locally watching and supporting your favorite sports team. Know someone before you go - Attending an event solo? Use Socyl to find someone who is also going and chat before you arrive. No more standing in a corner swiping your phone. Make connections with other regulars - The person you always see working at the same coffee shop may share your interests in photography or coding. Use Socyl to kick off a conversation! No Likes. No Followers. No Feeds. Just friends. Most of social media is showing you things that already happened in places you aren’t at. Why is that fun? We want to show you when your friend has time to meet up for lunch, or organize your group to go to a new spot for yoga. No more showing what happened without you and NoMoFOMO.

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