The Center for Relationship Education

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The Center for Relationship Education is dedicated to educating, equipping and empowering individuals of all ages with the relationship skills necessary to form and maintain healthy relationships, healthy marriages and safe and stable families for the well being of children and adults. The Center for Relationship Education accomplishes this by offering trainings, seminars, and workshops by skilled facilitators and speakers in the following areas: Youth and Young Adults WAIT Training - The curriculum that started it all was developed specifically to educate, equip and inspire young people to protect their heart, body, mind and spirit. All About M.E. - An adaptation of WAIT Training, All About ME focuses on teaching young adults how to create healthy relationships as they look to their futures and how marriage fits into that picture. Basic Training - 4th-6th Grades, in addition is a middle school version and H.S. version.

Lynn Price
Member since: 2022

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