Voter Resources

Sound policy is about people, and to have policy that represents the needs of its constituents, everyone needs to vote. You can register to vote online or at a DMV office until election day, which is Nov. 8, 2022. Register to vote or check the status of your voter registration or ballot on the Colorado Secretary of State website.


Key dates and information:
OCTOBER 17 – Ballots will be mailed out the week of Oct. 17
OCTOBER 31 – Your ballot must be mailed by Oct. 31 if submitting via mail
NOVEMBER 8 – Ballots are due by 7 p.m. on Nov. 8 to be counted


You can also drop off your ballot at any time before the election cut-off date at a ballot dropbox. Ballot dropboxes are in a multitude of easily accessed community locations. Find one near you by checking the website of your county election office below.
Make an error while marking your ballot? You can request a replacement ballot through your county election office.


Find county-specific polling voter resources:


The Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce takes an in-depth look at policy and weighs in on issues that affect our state’s employers and workforce. This year, we are taking a stance on one statewide and two Denver ballot issues. While there are many other important ballot measures this year, the Chamber felt that these three were most impactful for the business community. We hold no position on any other initiatives for this year. View our stances and download our ballot guide below.

Position Ballot Summary
Proposition II: Tobacco and Nicotine Product Tax Revenue Measure

This ballot measure asks voters whether Colorado can keep and utilize excess revenue ($23.65 million) generated from increased and new tobacco, cigarette and nicotine taxes approved by voters in 2020 through Proposition EE, or whether the excess revenue will be refunded to distributors and wholesalers, and tax rates set by Prop EE will be reduced. If approved, the additional revenue would be allocated to the state's universal preschool program, which is the current primary recipient of Proposition EE funds.

The Chamber took a support position on Proposition II: The additional revenue from the sale of nicotine products amounts to more than $23 million, which is an exceptional aide in providing universal preschool programs to Colorado's families. This measure allows universal preschool programs to receive needed funding without placing additional burdens on businesses through raised taxes.

Proposition HH: Property Tax Changes and Revenue Change Measure

Proposition HH would make various changes to state property taxes and changes to state revenue limits, including reducing property taxes; creating two new subclasses of residential property effective in 2025; providing funds to local governments to make up for decreased property tax revenues; creating a limit on local government property tax revenue; and creating a new cap on state revenue allowing the state to retain revenue up to the newly created cap, that it would otherwise be required to refund to residents under the Colorado Taxpayer's Bill of Rights (TABOR.)

The Chamber is neutral toward Proposition HH: Proposition HH is a multifaceted and complicated ballot measure. After a great deal of discussion, the Chamber Board was divided, with neither enough members voting in favor of HH to endorse the measure, but also not enough members voting against the measure to officially oppose. Chamber policy requires a minimum of 60% of the Board to agree prior to taking a position for or against a ballot measure. Being divided, the Chamber Board encourages member companies to carefully review Proposition HH and make the decision most appropriate for their companies and their employees.

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