2019 Business Ballot Guide

As in every election, it’s important to know the facts about ballot issues. The Chamber has taken a stance on a number of critical statewide and local ballot measures. We will share not only our position on the ballot issue but, just as importantly, why we have taken that position.

Position Ballot Summary
Proposition CC: Yes for Colorado

Passing Proposition CC will allow the state to retain the tax revenue it already collects but isn’t currently able to keep because it’s in excess of the cap set by the constitutional provision called the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR). If approved, the additional revenue that is retained must be used to fund education – both K-12 schools and higher education – and transportation needs, with all three receiving an equal amount of funding.

Why we support Proposition CC:
Due to limitations placed on the state budget because of the formulas in our Constitution, we continue to underfund critical areas like education and transportation: 62 percent of school districts are on a four-day school week – the largest percentage in the nation; our state funding for higher education is 47th in the country; and we have a list of $9 billion in transportation projects with no funding. Proposition CC permits the state to retain money it has already collected, without raising the tax rate, which will allow us to make much needed investments in education and transportation.

Proposition DD: A Win for Colorado's Water

Proposition DD legalizes sports betting (in-person and online) in Colorado and places a 10 percent tax on it. The funds generated from the tax will help fund Colorado’s Water Plan. A small portion of the revenue from the tax will be used to regulate and enforce gaming, but the vast majority of the proceeds – 93 percent in all – will be used to protect and preserve Colorado’s water needs.

Why we support Proposition DD:
Only casinos or the vendors who operate a casino’s sports betting activities would pay the 10 percent tax. This tax is estimated to generate $29 million annually, much of which will be dedicated to begin to implement the Colorado Water Plan. Proposition DD follows the model created by the Colorado Lottery and Great Outdoors Colorado, investing those revenues in parks and open space, and applies it to conserving and protecting our water resources at a time when it’s critical to act: The Colorado River is the most distressed waterway in the country, and even in a year of record snowfall, parts of the state have seen drought conditions return.

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