4 Ways to Work Your Membership

No matter what your reason for joining the Chamber, there are countless ways to get involved. If you’re new to the Chamber, follow the advice of these four members for tips on how to dive in.

1. Get out there!

“As much as we want the best leads and opportunities to happen overnight, you need to put effort into it,” said Zim Consulting Client Services Director Stephanie Ricker.  The Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce consistently provides unique events for every field of interest. As a young professional, I have truly enjoyed each opportunity – especially those to ‘network up.’”

2. Focus on building relationships.

“Connect genuinely with other members to form tight bonds.  Learn about other members’ businesses by setting up as many one-on-one opportunities your schedule allows for,” said Workplace Innovations Consultant Kelly Hobson. “By showing interest in other members’ livelihood it is a guarantee business will naturally flow in your direction.”

3. Your rep can show you the ropes.

“When you join the Chamber, you’re not just a number to them; you become part of the family,” said Doreen Katz Memorial Cancer Foundation Executive Director Adam Katz. “You get a representative who is there to show you around and offer advice on people to meet and classes to take.”

4. Find your fit.

For Tanner Grimes of New York Life, after diving into the Chamber he found that GMAP (short for Gold Member Alliance Program), was the best way for him to use his membership to meet his own goals. “Being in a GMAP group will undoubtedly help you with your business. Each group is designed to have differing people with differing industries, all with the hopes of growing their own business and helping others grow theirs,” he said. “The great thing about it is you can build very strong relationships with your other group members and use each other as a sounding board for ideas and opportunities for you business that you may not think about on your own.”

Looking for more ways to get the most out of your Chamber membership? Chamber 101 gets members up to speed on all the offerings of the Chamber. But, this is no lecture—make connections and kick-start your involvement.

Jessica Schwartz is a programs specialist with the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce.