Notable Systems Uses Tech to Provide Personal Touch

Health care has changed dramatically over the last decade, from the way it’s received to how it’s paid for – and technology is a huge part of that evolution.

Chamber member Notable Systems, Inc. is bringing easy-to-use technology to doctors, nurses and the patients they serve. We sat down with Notable Systems President John Huggins to learn about the company and the future of technology-driven health care.

Notable Systems, Inc.

Taking Care of Business: Tell me about the work of Notable Systems Inc. and how the company got started?

John Huggins: We are a group of technology and health care experts who have built successful, innovative, cutting-edge technology and health care organizations. Our founding group of leading health care clinicians and technology executives came together in a search for game (and life) changing technologies to apply in health care.

Our company was founded on our shared belief that patients and clinicians deserve better technology that is easy to use and affordable. Our mission is to transform health care IT by humanizing health data input and access: We will make capturing and accessing health data easier, more efficient and more intuitive. Our innovative approach frees clinicians to spend more time delivering patient-centered care, while health data is seamlessly captured and recorded.

TCB: Notable Systems Inc. specializes in capturing and accessing health data. What impact does that have not just for those who work in health care, but for patients?

JH: Health care is moving away from fee-for-service and toward payment models that give the patients more choice and responsibility. Our systems serve ambulatory surgery centers, which are high-quality, low-cost alternatives for many types of routine surgery. Better and more accessible health care data should lead to better care and lower cost for patients.

TCB: Technology has revolutionized the health care industry in recent years. What role are Denver metro area companies like you playing in this revolution?

JH: Denver is a hotbed of entrepreneurial activity and health care innovation. Our innovative climate, strong startup business culture and healthy lifestyle combine with great assets like the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus to fire health care innovation.

TCB: How do you think health care services will be delivered in the future—and how are you impacting that future?

JH: Some health care will be delivered via technology, like any other information good. But health care also requires human touch, literally, and our focus is on providing tools that facilitate—rather than interfere with—that essential person-to-person, clinician-patient interaction and trust.

TCB: What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned in your business?

JH: For a startup, I think the hardest thing is striking the right balance between raising capital and investing it wisely. Both are essential, and both are time consuming. We have been self-funded to date, but are beginning to raise our first outside round.

TCB: Why do you love doing business in Colorado?

JH: Our openness to new ideas, can-do spirit and willingness to collaborate—all these give our economy and startup culture incredible strength and resiliency. Those are key “nutrients” for a startup, and this is a very healthy environment for companies like ours.

Laura James is the marketing and communications coordinator for the Denver Metro Chamber.