5 Tips to Break Out of Your Workday Rut

Do you feel like your work routine is the same every single day? Don’t wait for that Groundhog Day feeling before you make a change.

Try these five tips break away from your work rut and bring more spontaneity and creativity into your work.

Bring on a new challenge: Often unhappiness at work can just come down to good old fashioned boredom. Make it a goal to try something new every day or work on developing a new skill that you can add to your résumé.

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Balance is key: It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and in a rut if all you focus on is work. Make it a point to find balance in your day. Take the time to go outside, workout, go to dinner with friends; find what makes you happy outside of work and make it a part of your routine.

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Ignore the naysayers: There are always going to be people at work who focus on the negatives rather than what they enjoy about a company. Hearing only the negatives makes it hard to see the positives.

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Make a pro-con list: Evaluate your job for what you love and what you hate about your career. Taking the time to find out what you like and dislike about your job will help you to truly find want you want in your next job. The little things do matter; take the time to figure out what those are.

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Research, research, research: Look for positions that will capitalize on your pro-con list. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and explore some ideas that might be a departure from your current career.

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Laura James is the marketing and communications coordinator for the Denver Metro Chamber.