There’s No Place like Home, Especially if You Live in CO

Colorado Loves Work … And Play

There aren’t many places where you can be in the boardroom in the morning and on the slopes by the afternoon. Colorado is a work hard, play hard state. As the second-fastest growing state in the nation, professionals are flocking to the metro Denver region – part of that reason is being so close to the mountains, which are home to five of the nation’s top ski resorts. The ski industry means business, too, generating nearly $5 billion to Colorado’s economy and employing more than 46,000 year-round equivalent jobs.

Colorado Loves Innovation

Colorado is on the map for its innovative, entrepreneurial culture. With a smart workforce, a strong pipeline from our universities and one of the most vibrant start-up communities in the country, we’re leaving our mark on innovation, as a top five state for innovation and fourth for start-up activity. Innovation is also becoming more important to the state’s export base; high-tech goods represented 25 percent of Colorado’s $8 billion in exports in 2015.

Colorado Loves Green

Coloradans work to maintain our beautiful landscape and quality of life  –  it’s a part of how we do business. We make sure our buildings are green certified (Denver is eight in that nation for LEED certified properties) and that our cities are green (Denver is the nation’s seventh-greenest city). And our workers have more than one way to commute – Denver ranks as the fourth most-bike friendly city in the U.S.  We also keep our jobs green; Colorado ranked fifth in the nation for the number of clean energy jobs created in 2015, with 2,650 new clean energy jobs.

Colorado Loves Team

Colorado is one of the brightest states in the nation and we’re not just talking about 300 days of sunshine. Colorado and metro Denver are a magnet for talented workers – Colorado is ranked second in the nation for educational attainment (bachelor’s degree or higher) and had four cities ranked in the top 25 cities where millennials are moving.

Colorado is also a hub for collaboration – we get more done together. It’s a part of Colorado’s Civic DNA.

Colorado Loves Colorado

Coloradans are proud to call this place home, and we aren’t afraid to show it. There’s a reason that two Colorado cities made National Geographic’s 25 Happiest Places to live in the United States. Boulder topped the list because “Boulderites overwhelmingly feel active and productive every day,” according to Dan Buettner’s research. It also helps that per capita, more people walk to work in Boulder than in any other city in the U.S. (so put on your walking shoes to increase your happiness).

There are many reasons why we love to do business in Colorado – share what you love about your home state.

Laura James is the marketing and communications coordinator for the Denver Metro Chamber.