On Display: 5 Tips for Tradeshow Exhibitors

When it comes to spreading the word about what you do, a tradeshow or conference can be a way to get in front of a target audience. That’s why twice a year the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce  hosts Net90 MarketPlace, where more than 300 members and 30 exhibitors come together to showcase their products and services.

Before you buy your booth, heed these tips:

Get Creative. You know the phrase, “you eat with your eyes first”? The same goes for exhibitor booths. Attendees will be much more likely to visit a booth that’s more visually appealing than just a table covered in pieces of paper.

Promotional items go a long way. Handing out a little swag is a great way to attract attention, especially if it’s something people will use regularly. Think flash drives or sunglasses, not stress balls and lanyards. Make sure you have the chance to talk with each attendee or even snag a business card before they run off with your goodies.

Use social media. Even though you’ll be visiting with attendees in person, it doesn’t hurt to let everyone know what they’re missing if they’re not there. Also, if you have your own Wi-Fi hot spot, bring it with you. You never know what the Internet connection will be like at the venue, and you don’t want that to get in the way of live streaming your activity to your fans and followers.

Don’t hide behind your booth the whole time. Bring a couple staff members with you to the event and have one or two people stationed at the booth while someone else goes out and works the crowd. This is a great way to bring guests back to your booth for more information and even check out some of the other booths for future ideas.

Arrive early. This might seem like a given, but allow yourself plenty of time to set up. If something goes wrong or you forget something, you don’t want to be making last-minute changes while attendees are arriving. If possible, set-up earlier in the day and then come back before the event starts.

Looking to try exhibiting as part of your marketing plan or simply want to check out member’s booths? Join the Chamber’s Net90 MarketPlace on Oct. 16.

Kathryn Goggin was a former events specialist with the Denver Metro Chamber .