25th Boots ‘n Business Kicks Off Stock Show

There are countless stories that have come out of the stockyards of the National Western Center over the past 113 years, but there’s more in store, Kelly Brough told 1,100 business leaders at the 25th Boots ‘n Business luncheon today.

“(Boots ‘n Business) is a celebration of our western heritage … but more importantly it’s a celebration of our future,” the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce president and CEO said.

The event – hosted by the Chamber and National Western Stock Show, and presented by U.S. Bank – kicks off the start of the 113th Stock Show. And, the 16-day show is big business, said National Western Stock Show President and CEO Paul Andrews.

“The economic impact of this show is over $100 million for the Denver metro area,” Andrews said. And, it attracts more than 650,000 people each year.

And, with agriculture’s long-standing impact on the economy, “this is the original marketplace,” Brough said.

Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock shared a glimpse at the future of the National Western Center, saying, “This will become a year-round destination.” Watch the full video about the redevelopment of the center.

Gov. Jared Polis, who was sworn into office earlier this week, reinforced the same commitment to agriculture and to focusing on water – and funding the implementation of the state’s water plan – that he did at his State of the State address.

“Water is the lifeblood of our state, and of course the farming and ranching community,” Polis said. “We want to be sure our state works for you … I look forward to continuing to grow our economy and celebrate agriculture.”

And, it’s an opportunity for all Coloradans to come together to celebrate, Brough said. “You’re also showing there’s one divide in Colorado – it’s the Continental Divide. And urban Colorado and rural Colorado care about each other’s success.”

Thank you to our sponsors who made Boots ‘n Business possible:

Sara Crocker  is  the communications manager for the Denver Metro Chamber.