URETEK USA Investing in Colorado’s Transportation Future

It’s no secret that Colorado faces infrastructure challenges. Our roads need attention – safety, vehicle operation costs and congestion statewide are costing Colorado $7.1 billion annually.

URETEK USA is one of the newest infrastructure companies to Colorado. This Texas-based international organization is responsible for foundation repair, concrete lifting and soil stabilization, so they focus on repairing roads, bridges and runways, in addition to infrastructure repair – and they’re growing their business in Colorado.

Improving quality of life is the driving force behind URETEK USA’s work. Because of that drive, they’ve engaged in discussions on transportation in Colorado by joining the Chamber at the Gold Committee level, allowing them access to issues-based committees that focus on the Chamber’s pillars – including infrastructure.

“Working together with influencers in the industry creates positive change by collaborating together on ideas and focusing on what is best for everyone involved,” Christa Wickland said, project manager at URETEK USA in Denver. “This access is priceless.”

The challenges add up: Metro area drivers spend 52 hours on average sitting in traffic each year and $2,306 is spent per person on average annually as result of failing roads. And, it’s more than a frustration – it can lead to real impact to economy and quality of life.

“Quality infrastructure is not a luxury—the success of a city can be determined on the dependability of things running smoothly,” said Wickland.

URETEK USA partners with departments of transportation across the country and the world – including the Colorado Department of Transportation – and they work to get repairs are done with as little traffic and delays as possible, leveraging the expertise of their team.

“URETEK is able to offer long-term solutions in an environmentally stable way by using our unique polymer and techniques that have been successfully implemented over the last 30 years,” Wickland mentioned.

Wickland said they’re optimistic about how Coloradans can address this challenge together. According to UREKTEK USA, the future of transportation will bring long-term solutions to the issues facing Colorado currently while alleviating safety and time worries.

Natalie Allen is the customer service coordinator for the Denver Metro Chamber.