This Week in Policy

Stabilizing Rent – Utilizing a Harmful Tool 

The Chamber’s Vice President of Government Affairs, Mizraim Cordero, testified against Senate Bill 225 on Monday. The bill would authorize local governments to impose rent control regulations on their communities. However, research is clear that rent control does not accomplish what it sets out to do and actually harms the working families it aims to protect. It is a policy that’s been criticized by conservative and liberal economists alike because the short-term impacts of capping rent are significantly outweighed by the long-term negative implications to the communities these policies impact.

“If enacted, this proposal will adversely affect housing markets throughout Colorado and even further aggravate the crisis of unaffordable and inaccessible housing,” Cordero said. “In 2010, San Francisco officials imposed a rent control ordinance on the city. Since then, rental housing availability is down 15 percent, while in the same timeframe Colorado’s rental stock is up 18 percent.” Read our testimony.

Climate Action Plan – Sets a Goal, Not a Strategy

This week the Chamber opposed House Bill 1261, a bill that sets goals for reducing the state’s greenhouse gas pollution. The Chamber isn’t opposed to the notion of setting goals, but we are opposed to arbitrary goals that aren’t substantiated with research and a plan for how to attain those goals.This bill merely sets them and subsequently delegates authority to the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission – an appointed, not elected, body – that doesn’t have the accountability to voters that the legislature does. All Coloradans will be impacted by policies aimed at addressing climate change. To find a balanced solution we must have as many voices at the table to discuss this challenge – and the right venue to do so is at the Capitol.

Follow the Session

As always, Chamber staff will continue working on your behalf, analyzing and weighing in on legislation that can impact your business. We list all our bill positions online. Stay in touch with us by checking our website and sharing with us your concerns as the session progresses.