Act Now on Denver Carbon Tax Proposal

Denver City Council’s Finance and Governance Committee will meet on Tuesday to discuss two bills that would refer a tax on electricity and natural gas for commercial and industrial users to the November ballot for Denver voters. This policy effort was first raised by organizers of a ballot measure that recently failed to gather enough signatures. In an effort to rush this process, they’ve shifted their focus to convincing the 13-member City Council to refer the measure to the 2019 ballot.

We need you to take action by contacting a member of the City Council to voice your concerns.

While we’re supportive of reducing carbon emissions in Colorado, we believe the best policy is created when supported by quality data and all stakeholders are engaged in the process. This rushed process is not only bad for our businesses but would also penalize current efforts of utility providers that have committed to reducing carbon and shifted to renewable sources of energy.

There are too many unanswered questions with potential unintended consequences that could jeopardize the goal of reducing emissions and punish ongoing efforts, while increasing costs for businesses.

We urge you to reach out to City Council members to voice your concerns, whether by phone or in attendance at these hearings. Please reach out to the City Council person in the district that you live or work (you can find your representative here). Tell them that these conversations must happen in a way that engages all stakeholders and relies on data to help find meaningful solutions.

Share Your Voice and Contact a City Council Member:

In addition, if your business will be impacted, please contact us at publicpolicy@denverchamber.org.