How the Census Impacts You, Your Business

With the start of a new decade comes another important benchmark: the U.S. Census. The short questionnaire can impact you and your business. Find out why we’re committed to ensuring every Coloradan counts.

Having access to the data the informs your business strategy. When making a business decision, data is critical. The Census provides crucial demographic information about customers, workforce and the economic landscape that businesses have come to depend on. The Census is also the benchmark that informs the quality and accuracy of commercial databases that so many businesses use.

Getting our fair share of federal funding. From early education to transportation funding, federal investment impacts every Coloradan – and the allocation per Coloradan is $1,481, accounting for about $13 billion, or one-third of Colorado’s budget. An undercount, even by a small margin, could mean losing billions in federal funding over the next 10 years.

Representing Colorado. Colorado is projected to add one seat in Congress and raise our voice as a state. But, if as few as only 1.3% of people don’t respond, Colorado may not get that seat.

Starting in March, you’ll receive your questionnaire from the Census. The U.S. Census recently connected with our members on what to expect – flip through their presentation to learn more: