Denver Metro Chamber Releases Statement on Executive Order Regarding Ballot Issues

The Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce released the following statement on Gov. Jared Polis’ issuance of an executive order regarding the gathering of signatures via email and mail for ballot issues.

“This executive order is in violation of our constitution. Only we, the voters of Colorado, can amend our state’s constitution and no individual elected official or office can change what we as citizens decide, even during challenging times. Beyond violating our constitution, we are also concerned that the proposed process excludes many Coloradans from participation, either because they don’t have access or can’t afford internet service or technology, like computers, printers and smart phones. A smaller group of Coloradans with access to these resources would have an unfair advantage to put their issues on the ballot, leaving our state’s rural, elderly and lower income populations out of our election process. We could never support a process that creates such inequities for the citizens of our state. The process in place today provides clear access to the ballot as evidenced by the fact that two citizen-initiated ballot issues have already qualified for this year’s November ballot. There are always going to be risks and challenges with filing ballot issues late, and we can’t compromise our constitution simply because proponents waited to file and begin gathering signatures,” said Kelly Brough, president and CEO of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce.

Please see the letter signed by 36 organizations statewide and sent to Gov. Polis on April 28.