Member News

Our members work hard every day to make the Denver metro area a great place to do business. We want to keep you in the know about the important work of our members, whether they are opening new business locations, hiring more people or creating new partnerships.

Read about our members in the news:

Morgridge Family Foundation Launched Their MIT Solve Challenge to Reimagine Pathways to Employment in the US 

Morgridge Family Foundation  launched our MIT Solve Challenge to Reimagine Pathways to Employment in the US along with a coalition of partners. More than $625k of funding is available for social entrepreneurs with pre-existing, tech-driven workforce development innovations. We’re especially excited to receive submissions that have equity and inclusion built into their models.

CU Boulder Announced New Graduate Program: Masters of Science in Outdoor Recreation Economy (MORE).

Colorado – where the outdoor industry can be an economic change agent, fostering entrepreneurism and attracting tourism, workforce and business investment – the state’s flagship university is launching a program to support and grow a sustainable and diverse talent pipeline for that industry.  MORE offers professionals at any stage of their careers – whether they’re new to the outdoor industry, seasoned veterans, or pivoting from another industry — the opportunity to advance their careers in a meaningful way that will also support a growing industry and local economies.