Online Medicare Selection Tool May Help Businesses and Employees Reduce Coverage Costs

New Partnership with Well Advised Brings Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce Members and Their Employees a Free, Unbiased and Confidential Online Tool to Find Optimal Medicare Coverage

Medicare plan selection has traditionally been a complicated process. There are more than 3,000 coverage combinations, and surprisingly, most people using Medicare are not enrolled in their best plan option. They either don’t have enough coverage or they are paying too much for the coverage they do have. Well Advised has developed an industry-leading tool using artificial intelligence that makes finding the optimal Medicare plan for each individual scientific and simple.

According to Mimi Roberson, chief operations officer at Well Advised and former Denver Metro Chamber board chair, “Ninety-four percent of people eligible for Medicare are enrolled in a plan that is not optimal for their needs or budget. There are thousands of plan options available and choosing the right option can be complicated.”

Well Advised identified this challenge and developed a technology that makes it easy to select the right Medicare plan coverage based on each person’s clinical, provider and financial preferences. Eligible users simply and confidentially enter preferences into the online tool, and the Medicare plan that best meets the needs of the individual will be identified and recommended. Unlike other solutions, Well Advised looks at all plans from all insurance companies to find the right fit for each individual.

The Well Advised tool also benefits businesses, as one of the most important issues for employers is the cost of health care coverage. It may save employers cost by identifying “same coverage” provided by Medicare plans for eligible employees. When an employee switches from employer-based medical coverage to the Medicare option, the cost of coverage for the employee (and/or perhaps their spouse) rolls off of the books of the employer, saving the employer money.

Are you looking for more information on your health care benefits? Connect Well Advised with your human resources department and you can learn how this new technology can benefit both your business and employees. Eligible employees and their eligible dependents can use the tool on an annual basis to verify optimal coverage based on their clinical, provider and financial preferences, just as they would at annual enrollment.

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