Statewide Coalition of Business Leaders Sends Letter of Concern to Governor Regarding Potential Oil & Gas Setback Rules

Coalition of Business Leaders Statewide Expresses Concerns Regarding Potential Oil & Gas Setback Rules

 A coalition of 41 organizations statewide sent a letter to Colorado Gov. Jared Polis, expressing their concerns regarding the proposal before the Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission for a 2,000-foot setback rule for new oil and gas drilling.

The rule is similar to a ballot measure that Colorado voters turned down in 2018 that would have increased setbacks to 2,500 feet, shutting down 94% of the developable land in the state’s top five producing counties.

“Today’s oil and natural gas development practices are incredibly safe and clean, especially in Colorado, as company efforts and regulations have outpaced others around the globe. This must be part of the discussion, because ensuring the protectiveness of our communities and our environment involves much more than the blunt instrument of a setback. Serving as the gold standard of oil and natural gas development should be a point of pride. Instead, the Colorado oil and natural gas industry would be severely penalized by this setback proposal, perhaps to the point of non-existence,” the letter reads.

Please read the attached letter, including a list of coalition members.