Your Conversation With: Your Board Chairs

As professionals in an ever-changing world, it’s even more important to reflect on how to meet business goals, follow your passion and give back to your community. “Your Conversation With” on Oct. 29 provided clarity and insight into how Denver Metro Chamber affiliate leaders have done just that.

Chamber President and CEO Kelly Brough was joined by Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation Board Chair Anthony E. Graves, principal at Graves Civic Solutions, LLC; Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation Executive Committee Co-Chair Tim Padilla, market executive, commercial banking, Mountain Region, Wells Fargo; Chamber Board Chair Trey Rogers, shareholder, Recht Kornfeld; and Denver Metro Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Board Chair Rob Smith, CEO of Rocky Mountain MicroFinance Institute for a lively discussion surrounding leadership and business.

Check out our key takeaways and the video of the webinar below.

Identify areas for collaboration. Partnerships are key to solving the many complex issues facing our businesses and communities today. There’s great opportunity to meet with those who you agree or disagree with on any given topic to grow your own understanding. Bridging the gap between groups and opinions will lead to comprehensive solutions for our businesses and communities.

Be flexible. Individuals can take many paths professionally. Follow your instincts and listen to the triggers that lead you one direction or another. Stay attuned to the things you love about your work and lean into those areas for growth. Our responses to the greatest challenges we face often end up shaping our lives.

Our professional lives are a marathon, not a sprint. There are no shortcuts to long-term professional success. You need to put in the effort early. Cultivate relationships by getting involved in your community, be it through an organization like the Chamber or within your own organization. Take the time to build a community around, not only yourself, but also your ideas and vision for success.

Cultivate a healthy environment for your team. The ability to rely on your team is invaluable, and this comes from having a working environment where individuals feel valued. As a leader in your organization, you can create this in many ways, from asking for support when you need it, owning up to mistakes and approaching your work with humility.

Consider the silver lining. In these unprecedented times, we should all take a moment to reflect on a silver lining of each day. Whether that’s being able to be more present with your family because you’re working at home or carving out time for a walk outside each afternoon, identify that piece of your day you can be grateful for.

Be on the lookout for future discussions part of the “Your Conversation With” series from the Chamber.