2021 Business Awards Startup of the Year Finalists

Startups challenge norms to solve the problems of today. The finalists for this year’s 2021 Business Awards Startup of the Year presented by Emergenticscliexa, Emerge Professional Services and Urban Solution Group – focus on delivering creative solutions to their clients in a wide range of industries. Get to know the finalists:

cliexa aims to solve issues within the health care system by removing barriers that might have previously prevented providers from utilizing patient-reported data. Technological solutions – from automated patient intake to HIPAA-compliant electronic medical record software and automated billing code outputs – are offered for before visit, during visit, after visit and between visits. By streamlining much of the administrative side of health care, cilexa allows for better patient care. Digitizing health care in this way enables providers to have a full picture of the patient’s needs and ensure their well-being.

Emerge Professional Services is a growing search and staffing firm that focuses on building long-term meaningful relationships with clients and candidates. Emerge Professional prides itself on its values of growth, authenticity, hard work and work/life balance, which contribute to their strong company culture and client base. With recruiters that understand the unique culture of Colorado, Emerge Professional uses a relational and creative approach to ensure top candidates are identified for any position on the market. Their goal is to connect the city’s brightest talent to the organizations where they can make the greatest impact.

Urban Solution Group provides comprehensive solutions to mitigating industrial, urban operations. Urban Solution Group consults companies as they plan for and navigate compliance, regulatory environments, municipal framework and social challenges. Their patent pending mitigation walls that help mitigate sound, light, dust and more is what allows Urban Solutions Group to stand out. Approaching each project with both technical expertise and social awareness and understanding, Urban Solution Group’s work enables projects ranging from oil and gas to construction operational success without significantly impacting the project’s neighbors.

Each year, the Chamber recognizes organizations that are writing Denver’s next chapter in business. Join us for the virtual 2021 Business Awards presented by BOK Financial on April 14, 2021.